Panx Romana “Pax Americana” (LP, CD)

The new release of Panx Romana, the historical band from Greece, is titled “Pax Americana” and it is already out in the streets through their own DIY production team (Panx Records).
35 years after their participation in the legendary punk collection “disturbing public order” and 37 years after they were formed, they continue to create alternative punk rock stories, aspiring to grow one more generation of active people.

Against Greek crisis and memorandum, this new release on Vinyl and CD, has a 60 minutes playing time just like double albums from the past good old days. The double sleeve LP version, in yellow and black vinyl, contains not only rich printed material, but also a free CD version with sleeve.

Our new LP/CD is also accompanied by “Yellow Press” the historic fanzine from the early ’80s, that within its 32 color pages, brings the message of Panx Romana that is still relevant and alive, fighting for humanity, solidarity, justice and love!

“All colors are beautiful, vivid and indelible, like sky writing ink that writes  principles  in our hearts  and does not write laws dug with fear on a rigid stone and on minds with scarce IQ ” they mention  on their website

The cover was designed by the comic and cartoon artist Tassos Maragos (Tasmar) and the back cover by WD street artist (Wild Drawing)

Finally in some songs of this new release we have the participation of  Judah Bunnington, a multitalented reggae musician from Jamaica.

Pax Americana, an antiracist fragrance of rhythms and Punky Reggae party mood!